In cases where our Customer Support Centre could not fix the problem with you over the phone, JURA offers a premium repair Service.

All new household JURA fully automatic machines come with a 25 months warranty with free collection and return. (for details please see warranty conditions).

For machines not covered under warranty, we have introduced a capped price system so that the repair service does not only assure excellent quality and speed but is also inexpensive. Your advantage is that no matter how many components are replaced you always pay the same flat rate.

For all JURA-Models in household use the following fees apply (Professional lines excluded):

 Machine Type^ Economy   Medium  Premium
 Cleaning and Maintenance  $230  $230 $230 
 Premium Service**   < 10,000 coffees  $325  $390  $445
 > 10,000 coffees  $445  $515  $570

Prices apply in Hospitality Centre Melbourne VIC only. All prices are inclusive of GST.

^Machine type

Economy  Medium  Premium 
D6  A5 | A9  J5 | J500 | J6 | J8 | J9 | J90 | J95
ENA 4 | ENA 5 | ENA 7 | ENA 8 | ENA 9
C9 | C90
S70 | S8 | S9 | S90 | S95
ENA Micro 1 | ENA Micro 9
E40 | E55 | E6 | E75 | E8 | E80
Z6 | Z7 | Z8 | Z9 | Z10
ENA Micro 90
F50 | F7 | F70 | F9 | F90
GIGA 5 | GIGA 6 | GIGA 10

Premium Service inclusions:

All labour required to service your coffee machine including smaller wear & tear parts such as O-rings and hoses.

In Detail:

  • Perform entry diagnostic
  • Cleaning & Decalcifying
  • Check coffee quality and settings
  • Open machine and check for leak tightness and cleanliness
  • Check wear parts
  • Check flowmeter
  • Check inner dist. collar, if necessary replace
  • Check brewing unit
  • Check grinder
  • Plus failure identification, if/as necessary repair (exchange of defect components) 
  • Check coffee spout (hygiene)
  • Check milk system (hygiene)
  • Replace O-rings in hot water- and steam section, descale fluid system
  • Check software version, if necessary update
  • Check machine function (~ 15 test coffees)
  • Check all products
  • Perform outgoing diagnostic
  • End cleaning

External Parts and transport costs will be charged in addition.

The following is not covered under the capped repair pricing and will be charged parts and labour: 

  • Where repair by an non-authorized Service Centre has been identified
  • Damage resulting from accidents, lightning, water, fire, improper ventilation, vermin, misuse or any cause beyond the control of JURA (please refer to your warranty card for further details).

Parts and Labour

For all parts and labour required to repair your coffee machine the following pricing will apply:
Assessment Fee 100,-- AUD incl. GST
Labour charge per hour 110,-- AUD incl. GST 

Premium Service Warranty

**12 months full machine warranty after any repair for machines up to 7 years of age or with a maximum cup count of 20,000 (whichever applies first). Once this threshold is exceeded 12 months warranty on any part(s) replaced during service/repair.

For more information, please see our warranty policies.