JURA of Switzerland was founded in 1931 manufacturing small appliances; in 1937 JURA manufactured its first coffee machine. Since the early 1990’s, JURA has focused on fully automatic coffee machines.

In 2000, with JURA’s dominance in the European market growing, Australian consumers for the first time were able to experience and enjoy JURA’s range of premium fully automatic coffee machines, bringing JURA’s philosophy of precision engineering and unparalleled service to the Australian market.

In January 2012, with its commitment to the Australian Market reinforced, JURA Australia Espresso Pty Ltd became the eighth affiliate to join the JURA Group, continuing to sell JURA’s range of fully automatic coffee machines through a large national network of distributors and retailers.

With its main office located in Melbourne, JURA Australia inaugurated its first Hospitality Centre in January 2012, also in Melbourne. The Hospitality Center provides our customers an insight into the world of coffee. Here you can experience our service philosophy with transparent costs and services. A specialist will lead you through the diagnosis of your machine. To ensure that the repair is not only of the best quality, we have introduced the capped price system for a cost effective and efficient service. The Hospitality Centre is the perfect place to receive expert knowledge and advice on fully automatic coffee machines, bringing JURA’s commitment to service and support to our customers.