2/10/2023 - Making a statement in Midnight Blue

The Z10 is a masterpiece of Swiss engineering. As well as catering to classic coffee preferences, it also serves up the latest on-trend beverages. At the touch of a button, it also makes Cold Brew specialities. Freshly ground, not capsuled – but cold-extracted. Two key technologies from JURA make automatic cold extraction possible and redefine the experience of enjoying coffee. The Z10 is also available in a brand new colour, Midnight Blue – a dark blue shade inspired by the night sky. Charming, understated and yet unmistakable, the Z10 Aluminium Midnight Blue makes a stylish addition to any tasteful interior.

Inspired by the night sky

As a premium class model, the Z10 Aluminium Midnight Blue remains true to its qualities. It retains the original elegant lines and high-quality materials, but presents them in a unique new colour inspired by the moonlit night sky. Charming and mysterious: A dark blue that dreams are made of, one that elevates the Z10 to a style icon.

Product Recognising Grinder (P.R.G.)

To ensure the optimum grind for every speciality, JURA engineers developed the Product Recognising Grinder (P.R.G.). The electronically controlled high-performance grinder adjusts in a fraction of a second to the predefined consistency of grind. Its spectrum ranges from very fine for short classics to very coarse for long specialities and Cold Brew coffee. But coffee lovers don’t need to worry, because the adjustment takes place automatically every time a beverage is prepared and, if preferred, can also be individually selected with the Aroma Selection feature.

Cold brew – extreme freshness

Thanks to the cold extraction process, the Z10 prepares genuine Cold Brew specialities. While many conventional cold coffee beverages are generally made from hot-brewed coffee that has been cooled, the Z10 extracts the coffee with cold water using the espresso method, i.e. high-pressure pulses of cold water and usually a coarser grind. The end result is a natural, energising and refreshing beverage in which the fruity aromas of the coffee can be fully enjoyed without being overwhelmed by a bitter taste. 

Lasting elegance

Design and the careful choice of materials play an important role in product durability. JURA always strives to achieve a design that people will be proud to own and that will still look fresh and modern after many years. Uncompromising quality, durable, high-quality materials and maximum engineering precision guarantee both culinary and aesthetic excellence throughout the lifetime of the machine. The complex convex-concave aluminium front panel demonstrates the very highest standard of craftsmanship. The water tank with its sophisticated wave design and the harmonious flow of the filter casing are just two examples of the attention to detail. As soon as you touch the Z10, you sense what true worth means to JURA.